Atlanta Photographer Timeless Imaging Girard Hale


My name is Girard originally from Detroit, Mi. Served in the Armed Forces and ran a successful small mortgage company for 4 years. Now this? really? lol
Ok so now I’m your photographer? How did this happen? Quick Story. I moved to Atlanta after I closed my mortgage company during the mortgage crisis 2008-2009. I decided that I would not immediately jump back into a complicated business. Fast forward I found myself here in Atlanta and I was single at the time. I had one goal. HAVE FUN!!!! So while I would be hanging out I would always have my small cannon point and shoot camera and my friends would always call me after every party to see what pictures I had taken. I’ve always enjoyed capturing the moment. The next part of the story is while visiting my sister during Christmas in Washington, DC in 2011 we were casually talking and I mentioned that I wanted to buy a better camera to take better pictures. She said “I have a DSLR that I don’t even use… Here Girard this is your Christmas gift.” It was a  Sony A100 (my first DSLR Camera) I’ve been on fire every since I touched back down in Atlanta. I am now in the Nikon family. in closing,  I am a fun and soulful photographer who shoots everything. I love powershoots and weddings. My areas of focus right now are weddings, professional headshots and family portraits.  Enough about me. Let’s create something amazing!! #watchmagichappen

I am a social guy